"Boy Swimming" Carlos York

Vinson Art and Hagan Arts Presents: TIME FRAMES


Featuring work by: Jim Alexander, Carlos York

Jim Alexander has always had his camera with him. He has photographed presidents, kings, professional athletes, movie stars, all kinds of Jazz musicians, and a whole slew of other subjects, places, and things.

Carlos has a focus on street photograph and finding magic in the everyday: “My style of street and documentary photography is about capturing the emotion or the essence of whatever it is I’m engaged in with my camera. Most people’s first memories of photography is bombarded with images of poverty or old buildings and such. When people look at my work, I want them to experience a range of ideas and emotions.”

In-Person: Exhibition Oct 30 - Dec 04

Vinson Art and Hagan Arts Presents A Curated Photography Show


Th-Sat 11-5pm