courtesy of Acquille Dunkley & Kathryn Nee; design by BerylCreative
courtesy of Acquille Dunkley
courtesy of Kathryn Nee

In-Person: Exhibition

Open Spaces: A Visual Experience in Two Artistic Projects

Spruill Gallery

Featuring work by: Acquille Dunkley, Kathryn Nee

Join Spruill Gallery in welcoming two exhibitions that portray open, quiet spaces, void of any physical presence but where the remnants of society can still be felt.

"The Calmness in Cognition" is a visual presentation from Jamaican born artist, Acquille Dunkley. Through advances in technology, Dunkley is able to breathe new life into visual art with endless possibilities. Creating environments with full control over lighting, textures and colors, he is able to generate spaces where shadows and highlights become the sculptor of moods and emotions.

"Fingerprints" presents photographs from Kathryn Nee. Allowing the derelict and broken to have the final word, Nee gives voice to the silent. During her many travels, she documents the slow decline of abandoned buildings and sprawling industrial spaces, capturing the residue of humanity; the fading fingerprints of society and culture.

Spruill Gallery

Tue-Sat: 11AM – 5PM

Spruill Gallery is located inside a historic white farmhouse on the corner of Ashford Dunwoody Road and Meadow Lane. Parking can be accessed from Meadow Lane. Once in the complex, follow signs to designated Spruill Gallery parking spots located on the right, directly behind the gallery and next to Fogo de Chao. Additional parking is located on terraced levels to the left.

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