ACP Public Art: The Phoenix Photo Mural

Featuring work by: Cyril Bailleul, Kaneesha Brownlee, Andrew Clark, Terrell Clark, Rebecca Cristante, Jonathan Hillyer, Ronya Hull-Barksdale, Vicky Jaksic, Gail Mitchell, Laura Noel, Meredith Ochoa, Paul Peterson, Marla Puziss, Jerry Siegel, Leora Siegelman, Michelle Simmons, Arvin Temkar, Kenneth West, Chelsea Williams, Jaime Ziegler

We are Atlanta, We are The Phoenix

As the symbol of Atlanta’s historic resurgence, the phoenix represents the city’s ascendance from the ashes of the Civil War to become an international destination. For generations, Atlanta has shown a persistent determination to meet challenges by rising up and rebuilding itself into a thriving city with a significant influence on global culture.

For this groundbreaking public art exhibit, Atlanta’s iconic symbol of rebirth will be rendered in an interactive photo-mural featuring dozens of photographs showcasing the city’s collaborative spirit. Intriguing images of the people that make Atlanta great will be selected from a call for entries and combined into an artistic interpretation of a phoenix. A collective portrait of our city, The Phoenix will be brought to life via augmented reality with a 3D animation experience viewable on any mobile device pointed at the mural.

Presented in collaboration with Midtown Alliance, Dewberry Group, and Dragon Army.

Sponsored by: Alston + Bird, Mailchimp, and Fulton County Arts Council.

Date and location in Midtown Atlanta to be announced!