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The Art of the Image – Photography by Nathan Dean

Featuring work by: Nathan Dean

The Art of the Image is a retrospective view of the work of photographer Nathan Dean.

Nathan Dean became passionate about photography when he could devote himself to art as strongly as he had devoted himself to physics during a distinguished academic career. A Tennessee native with a PhD from Cambridge, England, he became a university physics professor, dean, and vice president, as well as an enthusiastic photographer. After retiring in 2008, he began seriously pursuing the art of fine photography.

By the time he moved in 2013 from Boca Raton, Florida, to Atlanta, his work was becoming recognized in juried shows in New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. Since then, he has had solo shows at Restaurant Eugene and at the Vinings Public Library; his portfolio of street portraits received Honorable Mention in the International Photo Awards competition and an Award of Excellence in Black & White magazine; and his photo “Five Friends at the Pool”, as the winner of the “Writ Large” competition in the North Carolina Click! Photo Fest, was displayed full-size on a billboard near Raleigh-Durham Airport.

An articulate advocate for photography, he serves as a member of the Board of Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

Online: Exhibition Sep 20 - Dec 01

This exhibition on my website has been structured to show a selection of my best - or at least my favorite - photographs.

I am not a travel photographer, but I am a photographer who travels. As part of my career and even more as part of my retirement, I have visited 85 countries, and much of my art results from what I saw in places around the world.

My images stand alone; they need no narrative, arise from no project. Like a poem – perhaps even like haiku – each one attempts to distill the essence of an individual into a single revelatory moment. My hope is that by leading my viewers and myself to think deeply about others, my images will bring about a deeper level of understanding.