Phillip Mosier - Gabby, Brook Run Skatepark; Dunwoody, Georgia February 2021

Transforming Vision

Georgia State University Perimeter College

Featuring work by: Phillip Mosier

I have had the unparalleled privilege of living and documenting Georgia since May 1987 and during that time I have felt a palpable welcome I had never known.

I want my pictures to reflect the trust my subjects have allowed me while ensuring the images are characteristically Georgian with an enduring significance and vitality.

Photography should instruct, uplift, reveal, describe, and confront.

When I was a teenager, my father, a sheriff in Texas, asked me if after school I would accompany him to crime scenes and make pictures with his 35mm camera as he investigated. My father has had an enduring influence on me. His passion for finding the truth inspired me as a young man.

A successful faculty member here at Georgia State University Perimeter College, I focus on helping students express their own sense of beauty and truth and working with colleagues to promote the arts in general.

Photography is now an established artistic movement and I suppose theorizing about it is pointless and unnatural. I consider myself an advocate for the working class and those who struggle with complex and challenging lives.

My biggest influences are the places I haven’t been and the people I haven’t met.

In-Person: Exhibition Sep 07 - Nov 30

Transforming Vision is an exhibition of photographs by Phillip Mosier, photography instructor at GSU Perimeter College since 1987. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

In-Person: Artist’s Talk Oct 07 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Philip Mosier will talk and answer questions about his photography.

Georgia State University Perimeter College

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The exhibit is on the 4th Floor of the Library Building, Building L