Jennifer McKinnon Richman
Jennifer McKinnon Richman
Jennifer McKinnon Richman

Uncontained Consumption: Oceanic Dumpster Views

Virginia Highland Books

Featuring work by: Jennifer McKinnon Richman

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Jennifer McKinnon Richman's photographs appear to be seemingly painted seascapes featuring beaches and oceans. Upon closer inspection, however, white foamy waves become paint splatter resembling styrofoam; textured rolling waves instead appear to be plastic bags floating in the water; subtle ocean blue tones are revealed to be grease stains dotted with grains of dirt and gravel representing microbeads floating in the ocean. Carefully composited images consisting of bits and pieces found on the walls of dumpsters littering our streets, depict oceans consumed by plastic debris and waste.

Online: Exhibition Sep 07 - Dec 31

Jennifer McKinnon Richman's "Uncontained Consumption" on

In-Person: Exhibition Oct 01 - Dec 31

Jennifer McKinnon Richman invites you to explore the future of our oceans as they become consumed by plastic waste. Jennifer's work can be found in the back section of this new, local bookstore located near the corner of Virginia and North Highland Avenue.

In-Person: Opening Reception Oct 03 3:00PM - 5:00PM

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The exhibit is located in the back of the bookstore.